Friday, December 5, 2008

End of Year Party

Sorry we have not been typing furiously latley on our beautiful blog, frankly, it has not been our top priority. 
Our top priority was the end of year party, on the 4th of december. 
The day started with some early bus trips! Monica hopped on a ''Bay Hopper'' travel-mobile at the time of 8.30 in the morning, to get to Lucy's house. Monica arrived while Lucy looked like a babysitter, and we attempted to make ambrosia. This went amazingly really to tell you the truth. 
Marshmallows mmm. 
We then went our separate ways, to return home, and to go to the hairdressers. Lucy then went to visit her mum in the hospital and monica went to play some tunes on the piano. 
They conjoined again in holy unity to get ready for the party, which was ment to commence at 6 o'clock PM.  As Lucy thought hippie prostitute would be the best and Monica obviously agreed they changed outfits again, and again. When it was still the two of us at 6.30 o'clock PM we started to text bomb our friends demanding explanations. This is the right thing to do when you are left alone with Monica, or Lucy. 
Finally a loyal Nina, Maddi and Emily showed up on the doorstep, ready to be transformed into sluts.  And we did this well. A then beautiful Laren (Lauren) showed up and she too, needed our help in a transformation only we could preform. 
We then walked up to the chippie shop and got $10 worth of chips, in fishnets, high heels and short skirts. While departing the lady from the fish and chip shop of Asian decent ran after us telling us we had forgotten our tomato sauce! What a tradgedy! 
Evanni then turned up, and then...
the night involved some sex. And that was basically it. So it was wonderful! 
More from us laters, 
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